Monday, August 31, 2009


If WHS were Hogwarts, you would've earned an E for Exceeds Expectations.

Data breakdown:

5s=7/9% (Most of these students may have earned a 5 without the class, so I can't take too much credit for their success.)

4s=28/36% (This is the group I am most proud of, as most of these students started the year at a 3 or lower, so I know the class actually improved their scores.)

3s=32/41% (Again, really pronounced improvement in this group.)

2s=11/14% (Much smaller group than I anticipated, which I know is small comfort for the students who fall into it, but as a measure of class success, it's still good news.)

No 1s.

All told: 67 students--or 86% out of 78--passed the AP English Literature Exam in 2009. Congratulations, I am so totally, exceeding proud of all of you. Thank you for making my job worth doing.