Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Reading Reminder (click here for list of texts)

For all the incoming seniors who are enrolled in AP English, I have one very important reminder:

The summer reading is highly, highly recommended, even if it's not technically required.

We are going to begin the year with a two day diagnostic exam, which may strongly affect your grade. As you know, English is a graduation requirement, so if you aren't on top of things, you risk not walking in June.

Even if you scrape by with a C or D, college admissions and scholarships may be lost due to your not meeting minimum GPA requirements.

You have a lot at stake. Please make wise choices. If you decide to stay in the class, you must commit yourself to doing the reading, which begins with the summer list. Remember, the reason I recommend the summer reading is to make your life easier during the school year. If you choose not to benefit from my advice, the consequences are all on you.